Why we Love Family Travel

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we love to travel. Some dream of seeing the world once they have an empty nest, but we wanted to experience traveling as a family. There’s just something about being in a new place together that really helps us reconnect and replenish energy that’s drained by the mundane. I feel lucky to have found a partner with the same feeling of wanderlust as me.


It all started with our honeymoon in Ireland. It was both of our first times abroad, and my husband’s first time on a plane. We found ourselves in a constant state of awe the entire week we were there. The people, the towns, the landscape- we soaked it all in as we drove around and explored. When our son was born, we knew we wanted to see more of the world with him. We imagined that it would take us a decade at least to save before we were able to. That is until we discovered all of the many ways to travel more affordably.¬†Iceland was our son’s first trip out of country, and his first time on a plane. We’ve also taken him to New Jersey, New York City, Maine, Cape Cod, and soon we’ll be traveling to Washington DC.


With homeschooling we are able to travel during less popular times of the year, making each trip not only more affordable, but less packed with tourists. There have been beach days where we are the only ones there, and museum trips that weren’t echoing with loud voices. My son is also able to learn from experiences, and not just from books. That, for us, is one of the best parts of traveling.

I’m grateful for the amazing start we have. Our travel wish-list is long, and I look forward to checking off trips as we go.

-Sarah Chase



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